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Image by Ray Hennessy

Right Side of Wrong, 

Wrong Side of Good

Right Side of Wrong, Wrong Side of Good, the duo's first full-length album, was released in January of 2021. Freak and JD utilized their time throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to continue to hone their skills and achieve their first goal; making the music they live to play available to their fanbase, whom they consider family, as well as anyone who may be looking for something new and refreshingly different.

Like What You Hear?

Burn It To The Ground

Written by Freak, Thrown To The Wolves' first single "Burn It To The Ground" was released on Friday August 13th, 2021. The song features Nick Palermo of Beefstu on bass guitar, and was produced by Jayder Moore of Prime Ape Labs in St. Johnsbury, VT. 

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