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Album Review By Adiah Michelle

Having a hard time describing the music they create, JD and Freak (the duo behind “Thrown To The Wolves”) write: Most of our songs tell stories, and the sound changes depending on the story being told. Their new album, “Right Side of Wrong, Wrong Side of Good,” is something close to a novel as each track (story) interwinds into one significant and complex picture.​

“I’m No Jonah” perfectly illustrates the raw feelings pumped throughout the album. The track talks about being raised to unreachable standards and never feeling good enough. Freak further explains by saying, “being the preacher’s son, I took to the biblical story of Jonah (who ended up living in the belly of a whale for some time for not doing as he was told by God) for this song. It was kind of my declaration of my own sovereignty as a human being, and that regardless of what I choose I won’t be swallowed up by any whales. I don’t have to hold a title of importance, none of that means anything to me- It’s experiences and just some dirt on my ol’ feet to tell you where I’ve been.” ​

The lyrics read, “And when I’m gone just don’t you weep/ I freed my own mind from my demon’s own lies that speak/ So sink the ships and burn the sails/ I ain’t spending my life in the belly of no whale.” ​

Musically, the track is flawless. Freak’s rich vocals wrap up the piece, and JD (on violin) adds a warm feeling to it. “I’m No Jonah” is one of those songs you get lost in due to the musicality. However, as it goes on, you sink further, understanding and connecting with the lyrics. As they were telling me, they nicely achieve a “raw, gritty, acoustic sound” even though they’re plugged in. ​

JD plays a 100-year-old German Guarneri Model violin throughout the album, feeding to rockabilly feel. Overall their sheer talent blends perfectly with their remarkable songwriting ability. “I wrote some music, and years later I found myself on stage at an open mic with no intention of going anywhere beyond that,” remarks Freak, “I’m honestly surprised I was even there.”​

Following “I’m No Jonah” is “Girl Like That,” an acoustic masterpiece. I truly loved this song; there was a technicality that was beyond brilliant. ​

Tracks like “So I Can Go” and “Ain’t Felt Right” blew me away. “So I Can Go” speaks on the uncertainty of the future as well as feeling the most challenging bits of life have passed. Appearing almost rugged with Freak’s low-toned vocals, JD sort of wraps in innocence and beauty to every piece with the violin. It’s a power-duo that you need to be on the lookout for. High-energy closer, “Ain’t Felt Right,” makes you want to thump your heel against the ground along with the rhythm. ​

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” says Freak (guitarist and vocalist), “but with a thousand words I can paint you a picture.” They did just about that and more with “Right Side of Wrong, Wrong Side of Good.” ​

I am thrilled to see what comes of their upcoming album! coming album!

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